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Title: Alone Forever

Artist/Writer: Liz Prince

Publisher: Self Published



I have fallen in love with Liz Prince. As a fellow lover of punk, DIY shows and self-loathing I become more and more a fan of these two comics with every page I read. Prince has an amazing humor when it came to put her single life out in the public eye. The comic is made up of short stories (either in strips, or a few page stories), a style Liz does in her other comics. 

Forever Alone

Prince’s autobiographical stories tackle almost every side of the relationship circle. Perhaps you’re done feeling alone and found a great other half? Pick up "Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?" (Available at the same link above) it’s full of cute interactions of Liz Prince and her boyfriend. Concentrates on appreciating the little things that make relationships great. Each issue of Alone Forever is around 32 pages long packed full of relatable hilarious material. 

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